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We're here to guide you to build a strong and fit body - inside and out. We do face-to-face or online training and specialise in helping busy corporates and heavily overweight people.

Being fearless means that you step outside your comfort zone to achieve your goals, feel better daily and create a high quality of life! With Fearlss Fitness by your side, you will see results in no time.



We personalise each fitness plan, because every body is different

I’d gained a lot of weight while overseas to the point where most of my clothes didn’t fit. I didn’t want to socialise much because I felt bloated and uncomfortable in my own skin. I would binge eat hot chips and sweet drinks then tell myself I would start dieting “tomorrow”.

After trying to do it alone, I decided to ask for help and found Fearlss Fitness. They helped me stay focused on an achievable plan; held me accountable to what I said I wanted to achieve; and had lots of knowledge about how I could enjoy the weight loss process without feeling deprived of my favourite foods. I now maintain a healthy body and mind and I love my healthy lifestyle!


I was feeling very apprehensive and scared about training because I’ve had knee, heart and other health problems. Once I met the Fearlss Fitness girls, I felt comfortable in their company. They work at my level of ability and I really enjoy the workout sessions.

I’m surprised that in my first month I’ve lost fat and gained muscle! My doctor was surprised by my progress so far and told me that whatever these girls are doing, keep going!




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